Jimbour Events

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, regretfully we have had to close all public access to Jimbour and Jimbour Garden until further notice.  This closure includes  all upcoming events either formal or otherwise.  We plan on re-opening as soon as soon as Government advice is provided that it is safe to do so.   We will provide updates when anything changes.  We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding

The scale and design of Jimbour make it clear that it was always intended that it should serve many purposes beyond that of a family residence. Necessarily, it in many ways functioned more as a centre for the community.

Inevitably, therefore, it became a venue for significant events in the days of the Bell family, a role which has continued.

On 25 November 1925, Wilfred and Millicent Russell hosted a function to celebrate the reopening of Jimbour. Over 1200 people attended, the whole community having been invited.  The proceeds of the occasion were donated to the Dalby Hospital. For one lady’s recollection, click here.

Functions were held during World War II to support the war effort.

For many years, Jimbour was the venue for an annual community fête conducted by the Jimbour branch of the The Queensland Country Women’s Association, of which Hilary Russell was an enthusiastic supporter.

In more recent years, major functions have included a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the reopening function, and the dedication of the Northern Garden to the memory of Deborah Russell.

Latest Events

Jimbour Amphitheatre

Jimbour has enhanced its capacity as a venue for major cultural events with the completion in 2005 of an Amphitheatre to complement the grounds of Jimbour House.

The Federal Government, Wambo Shire Council, Dalby Town Council and Jimbour combined to jointly fund the facility valued at more than $340,000. A total of $173,000 came from the Federal Government’s Regional Partnerships Program which provides support for local communities and business who join hands to strengthen local growth opportunities and improve access to services.

The facility enables Jimbour and the Councils (who are joint owners) to showcase major musical and stage events attracting new visitors to boost the local economy and the region’s tourist industry. The first major event to be staged, the 2005 “Opera at Jimbour”, was a standing ovation success and attracted an audience of 5,000. The Opera at Jimbour has been an outstanding success with the audience growing to more than 8,000 for the most recent event in July 2009.